Competition for top talent is fierce, especially for early-stage vendors attempting to attract the best revenue producers into an unknown vendor.

As seventy-nine percent (79%*) of all global working professionals are passive. Every Vice President we speak with believes that the best Quota-carrying talent actively responds when they need them.

Sadly, only 21 percent of all (cross-industries) candidates are open to looking at new opportunities. Even fewer successful quota-carrying candidates are qualified or looking with a proven track record of success in early-stage SaaS vendors.

Why Most Fail Recruiting Top Talent

The number one reason most SaaS vendors fail in hiring the best of the best candidates is straightforward. Lack of planning and not having a talent partner nurturing candidates months before you are ready to recruit them.

Our years of candidate nurturing and relationship building is one methodology at ScaleOut Partners. We’ve spent years engaging and actively communicating with the top passive, qualified candidates in the markets we serve to ensure they are available when you need them. Understanding what they are seeking and aligning your vision, the opportunity, and corporate culture to their next move is critical.

The best candidates are off the market within 10 days.

Sometimes our timing is right, and sometimes, we don’t. Knowing what candidates will consider in making a jump is our jam. Our Alignment Strategy delivers KPI’s hiring the best of the best when you need them.

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79% of All Candidates are Passive